The Crime and Disorder Act came into force in July 1998 and required Crime and Disorder Partnerships to be set up in each district in England and Wales. The Role of the Partnership is to work with other statutory and voluntary agencies within Sussex to develop and implement a Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy.

To achieve this the Partnership are required to undertake audits and develop strategies to tackle crime and disorder including anti-social behaviour namely graffiti. In November 2003, the West Sussex County Council Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership approached us. They had heard via one of our customers , Worthing Borough Council, of the graffiti patrolling services we were providing across Sussex. Following several meetings the following strategy was agreed :-

  • Survey of all graffiti within city walls.
  • Mass removal of historic graffiti.
  • Patrolling of area once a week to remove any reoccurring graffiti.


We set about the task of surveying the graffiti located within the city walls of Chichester. This task meant that all evidence of graffiti, however small, had to be located, documented and photographed for evidence packaging to be used by Chichester police at a later date.

In addition to this a disclaimer letter had to be given to the owners of the property where the graffiti was found, advising them that the graffiti will be removed by MPM / Graffiti Solutions on a pre-designated date. Should they not want the graffiti removed or they had any issues, they were given a telephone number to call.


Our two man teams equipped with a van, pressure washers and environmentally friendly chemicals removed the graffiti from the city. Photographs were taken following the removal, to further assist in evidence packaging. This operation took 25 days to complete.

We are continuing to work closely with Sussex Police to carry out covert operations to assist with the arrest of certain graffiti suspects. Anti social behaviour orders are being issued with significant reductions in graffiti seen in the areas of our operation.


The area now receives a visit once a week to maintain the “Zero Tolerance” ethic and long term elimination of graffiti in this area. Following on from the success of Chichester we have been awarded and carried out a contract to continue the process at Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead, Durrington, Tangmere, Midhurst and Petworth.

To date the initial graffiti removal projects and patrols have seen us remove as much as 10,000 square metres of graffiti. Subsequent to the works carried out in Chichester, the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership in West Sussex has recently been awarded the Beacon Council accreditation for works carried out under the jurisdiction of the Partnership with graffiti removal playing a major part in its award.

The Beacon Council scheme identifies excellence and innovation in local government. But it’s much more than just a badge. The scheme exists to share good practice so that best value authorities can learn from each other and deliver high quality services to all.