Anti-graffiti treatments provide an effective barrier on all substrates. It makes cleaning of graffiti easier, and  provides protection against environmental pollution and corrosion by water ingress. There are two main types of anti graffiti coatings, Permanent and Sacrificial.

PermanentThese paints are normally Polyurethane or Terrethene based and cure to a very hard permanent finish. Coatings can be clear or pigmented, Matt or Gloss.Advantages :
• Very hard wearing and durable.
• Will last for up to ten years.
• Graffiti is easily removed by means of chemical agitation.
• Ideal for murals, tiled and all painted surfaces.
• Provides a protective barrier against corrosion and pollution.
SacrificialThese are clear wax-type or silicone based compounds.Advantages :
• Invisible, will not affect appearance of the substrate.
• Graffiti can be removed using chemicals or hot water.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Low odour for internal use.
• Ideal for porous surfaces.
• Allows surfaces to breath.

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